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"How do I do this?"

Sometimes it can feel daunting to submit the right raw material in order to get a perfect end product when approaching a print shop. We do not expect that you as our customer know all about it at the time of submission. At least not before you have read this page, anyway!

Here you will find the most common submission instuctions. We think we got it all in here. If not, please contact us and we will tell you!


Are you making a booklet?

To facilitate for all you booklet-makers out there we have compliled a small booklet with tips and instructions, currently only in Swedish (pdf):

Booklet om booklets


General submission how-to:

FILE SUBMISSION: A digital file submission is always the best option. Grayscales and color images are best represented digitally. We prefer you to submit as a PDF file. This goes for all type of printing jobs.You can e-mail your files to us, or if they are too large, as FTP, CD-disc, USB stick, or a link to an upload site (e.g. sprend, dropbox, gofile).

SUBMITTING PAPER ORIGINALS: If you do not have a digital file your only option is to submit your paper original. These will be scanned to a computer and then printed. The result is usually OK, but rarely as good as a digital original.It is also more expensive, as we need to charge for the time it takes to scan. After scanning, you can of course get a PDF copy if you so wish.

OFFSET PRINTING: Offset is a special technique used with special equipment for offset printing. If you want offset-printed covers for your thesis we can do this for you. Then we need all the information that should go on the cover, what format the book or cover should have, and how many pages.

EXECUTION: You can find suggestons and ideas in the menu on this page. Know that we have the tools - just tell us what you want to have done and we might have a good suggestion that will fit your printing requirements! We will perform your printing order as you prefer, if it is at all feasible. Please remember that we have no official requirements for number of copies; we will print any number from one and up!

LOGOTYPES: It is important that you submit materials that have the correct color and design scheme of Lund University (available here in Swedish: ). You can download the proper LU logo from there, for example.

COLORS: Different printers interpret color codes differently.We have document templates that fit our printer, so that the colors match the graphic profile. The colors are PMS 1395, PMS 280, and Black.

TIME: It is impossible for us to give a general estimate in advance of how much time a printing job will take, as it depends on our current work load, and on the difficulty and size of your order. However, we will of course be able to make a fair estimate at the time you place the order!

COST: You can find a price list in Swedish of the most common printing jobs here (pdf). Contact us for more information about larger scale jobs, or jobs not listed.






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