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At the E-house print shop are all the tools needed for creating a book from your report, doctoral- or licentiate thesis, or whatever you need.

There are lots of options to choose from for your thesis. To help you, we present here a check list and some images.

Price example: 200 copies of 250 pages each, insert in monochrome on standard paper, offset print cover: SEK 15 600.


Check list!

1 FORMAT: What format do you need (A4, A5, E5, G5, etc?)

2 COVER: Choose between laser printed or offset.

3 COVER II: We need to know what text should go on the cover and how many pages the insert will be (in order to calculate the width of the back). For offset covers we need the template at least 10 working days before nailing day.

4 INSERT: Submit your insert as either pdf or PS. We can then do a test print until you are satisfied.

5 NAILING: As in nailing your final file! When you tell us to go ahead, we will start the entire print job. From that point it will take at most five working days for us to complete the printing.

6 DELIVERY: We can deliver to you be internal university post, personal delivery, or you may come and pick them up yourself. An invoice will be sent after delivery to your department.

7 REMEMBER to give us the full invoice details of your department.

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